Poor execution of VM guidelines drive sales into the ground

Stores are often not compliant with VM guidelines. But the stores are not to blame for this. Visual merchandisers are let down by broken communication and processes, and it has a negative impact on the customer experience.

  • Communication between stores and HQ is inefficient
  • There is no overview of non-compliant stores
  • It’s difficult and time-consuming to correct poor in-store execution


It’s not your fault, it’s your system that’s out of date

VM guidelines are sent to stores in many different formats. Then, store teams must juggle emails, phone calls and texts to get their in-store execution done right. A clunky process that’s slow and serves no one well.

  • There is zero visibility of when and how stores execute
  • Area Managers cannot check all their stores at once
  • Disconnected communication channels makes in-store execution a mess
Does this sound familiar?

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Don’t worry. We have just the fix for it

With YOOBIC you can improve your visual merchandising compliance as stores will be able to execute better and faster. The YOOBIC app allows you to send out guidelines, track execution and collect all information in one place.

  • See a full overview of stores’ execution in real-time
  • Get an efficient feedback loop between stores, field teams and HQ
  • Correct non-compliance immediately
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What are the benefits?

With YOOBIC you can improve your stores’ compliance with visual merchandising guidelines and improve sales as a result of a better in-store experience.
See how all stores look from your desk - in real-time
Improve the speed and quality of your VM implementation
Provide a better customer experience