It hurts your business when operational standards are not up to scratch

Your stores need to fill out all kinds of checklists. And you need to keep stores in check with everything from maintenance to health & safety. But doing checklists and store visits takes a lot of resources and HQ and regional teams rarely have any visibility of compliance at store level.

  • Store visits are crucial but take up too much valuable time
  • It’s impossible to track if daily store checklists are completed
  • Stores have no efficient way to report issues

Blame it on lack of proper technology

The paper-based process was all we knew in the 90’s. It stuck with us and is severely outdated. Monitoring compliance via paper, spreadsheets and emails are slow and clunky, meaning there is no visibility of issues. There’s no easy way to fix them, either.

  • Field staff fill out store visit info on paper and then collate everything into a spreadsheet. It’s a slow and non-transparent process
  • Checklists made on paper cannot be monitored remotely
  • Stores battle with too many emails, texts and phone calls to fix issues


Does this sound familiar?

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Here’s how you can achieve best-in-class operational standards

You can ensure full compliance with operational standards with YOOBIC. Using our app, it’s lightning fast to audit stores, do checklists as well as raise & correct issues.

  • Complete store visits and checklists on a mobile app in minutes
  • Ensure efficient follow-up by assigning tasks and track the completion
  • Your stores can raise requests and resolve their issues in a flash
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3 elements that take your business to the next level

Your operational standards will never be the same again.
Decrease the time spent on doing audits and checklists
Improve your stores’ compliance level with operational standards
Deliver a consistently better customer experience