In-store marketing activities underperform because they’re poorly executed

Your stores and regional managers struggle to execute promotional activities and stay compliant with brand agreements. There is no transparency of what stores need and what they don’t need.

  • Your stores often don’t have the collateral they need for a promotion
  • It’s hard for stores to keep up with what needs to be implemented
  • There is no way of monitoring of promotional compliance efficiently

The reason for poor execution is simple

Promotional activities are communicated in disorganized manners, making them difficult to execute. The interaction between HQ, store and field teams is clunky. There is hardly any overview of who needs what, and how well promotions have been implemented.

  • It’s difficult for stores to report missing or faulty POS material
  • Your stores are overwhelmed with emails from all corners of the business
  • Disorganised communication makes the execution ineffecient
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Execution excellence waits for you just around the corner

YOOBIC helps your stores execute promotional and marketing activities on time. With the app, it’s done faster with higher quality and you are guaranteed increased compliance with either brand agreements or your own promotional activities.

  • Stores can report missing POS material from their mobile device
  • Every task can be viewed and completed in the app
  • HQ and field teams can monitor compliance in real-time
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