Measuring shelf performance is a real headache

The visibility and presentation of your products on shelves are essential to your sales results. But analyzing shelf performance is a long and manual process for your field teams.

During their visits to points of sale, they must count the products,  collate all the data and then report the results in order to measure the product presence and compliance with the merchandising plans. This doesn’t give a reliable and real-time view of your product visibility.

Image Recognition can help you

The YOOBIC Image Recognition technology enables brands to analyze product visibility and performance simply by taking a picture of the shelf.

This improves the efficiency of your teams in the field and enables better decision-making, whether it’s trading with key accounts or monitoring the performance of sales teams.

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Get your KPI’s from simple pictures

Your field reps take a picture of the shelf and then the YOOBIC image recognition algorithm automatically calculates your KPI’s.

These KPI’s are available at HQ in real-time enabling you to better track and optimize your product visibility and performance.

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What do you want to measure?


Product presence
Number of facings
Share of shelf
Eye level positioning
Product proximity