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Simply use your mobile to take pictures of in-store marketing displays, make comments and answer surveys. Upload the information, and you’ll get paid. It’s as easy as that.


Become a YOOBIC Explorer and join our crowdsourcing community. Tasks can range from photographing a brand’s in-store marketing communications, to leaving comments and ranking displays via YOOBIC’s specially designed app. What’s really nice is that you’re collecting data from the real world. So it’s super easy!

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About Us


At YOOBIC, we help brands control their point of sales executions in-store. We do this by collaborating with people who own smartphones. Yup, just everyday people who are out and about in the world with free time on their hands to collect data, and upload it to a central hub. All the information gets analysed by marketing-whizz kids. This helps brands understand what people think of them. Nice eh?

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Not only do you make more from your mobile. You’re contributing to a brand’s self-awareness in a competitive environment. You’re also getting involved in the new and exciting world of crowdsourcing. See, it’s all awesome!

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