Make more from your in-store executions

Utilizing collective intelligence and harnessing mobile technology so that brands can develop better business insights, adapt their in-store executions, increase profits and ultimately grow.


Big ideas. Sharp strategies. Creative branding. Your business is a well honed machine. But how efficiently are you controlling in-store executions? Poor follow-up can cause lost sales and jeopardised marketing efforts. Become agile by reacting to issues and fixing them immediately. Reduce waste and maximise your profits with YOOBIC.


Instantly collect crowdsourced data from the ground in-store. Crunch the numbers and react immediately. Our YOOBIC Explorers are waiting for your YOOBIC Quests. We call it ANYWHERE ANYTIME business acumen.


Create a unique survey and post it. ‘Field explorers’ gather your data instantly, and upload it in real time, including photos.


Take immediate action based on the collected data. React swiftly. Affect in-store marketing execution.


Use online analytics to determine your off-line behaviour. Keep up to date with real time alerts. Share best practices.

Real People

We’ve created a community of YOOBIC Explorers. They’re just waiting for a new brief from you. We’ve taken great care in ensuring they’re normal everyday people, going about their everyday lives. Thanks to their smartphones, they’re a workforce just waiting to be mobilised.

Real World

We brief our YOOBIC Explorers, sending them on specific YOOBIC Quests. Just for you. They will interact with your point of sale out there in-store, in the real world. By collecting data from people on the ground, we can put accurate and up to date information at your fingertips.

Real Time

We’ve created fast and efficient interactive collaboration processes between YOOBIC Explorers, in-store point of sale, and your central office. This means our clients (that’s you) can maximise sales by responding instantly and effectively.

Real Insights

Unique YOOBIC Quests are tailored to the needs of your business. This means the data is always relevant to your business. By analysing this collected data, leveraging insights and pushing recommendations at point of sale, we believe your business can excel.

Collaborate with Yoobic

Essentially we’re offering you the opportunity to revolutionise your workforce, all thanks to our unique mobile technology.

    We Offer

  • Flexibility: Scalable mobile workforce
  • Accuracy: High-quality, cost-effective results
  • Speed: Insights in minutes

    You Get

  • Simplicity: Quick and easy survey creation
  • Certification: Skilled, pre-qualified workers
  • Satisfaction: Actionable business indicators


What’s in our surveys? We leave that up to you. Simply chose from YOOBIC’s wide range of features…

  • Data
  • Sentiment
  • Pictures
  • Quality
  • Waiting time
  • Video


  • Observing control displaying and planogram compliance
  • Checking product availability
  • Collecting product price in-store


  • Validating locations & speciality within a specific area
  • Measuring your services
  • Evaluating your staff with mystery shoppers


We have a community of thousands of special YOOBIC Explorers, waiting to go out there and crowdsource intelligent data for you. YOOBIC has developed a specialised service, ensuring that you get the best information possible. This is how we do it:

Data quality

We not only understand the importance of data quality, security and reliability, we believe in it too. That’s why we do all of this important stuff…

  • Explorer reputation: we score YOOBIC Explorers on quality & quantity performances.
  • Location markers: we automatically check explorers’ locations to guarantee genuine data sources.
  • Time/Date Stamps: we automatically timestamp data …so we can check it’s fresh.
  • Photo/Video Verification: we check that the images submitted match up with your expectations.

Operational intelligence

Our ultimate goal is helping you focus on improving your business. That’s why we’ve designed the following services to help you get the most out of YOOBIC.

  • Big data: we utilise technology (and clever brains) to develop software so that it’s possible to compare massive amounts of data instantly.
  • Multi-dimensional: we provide a full range of powerful analytics, ranging from maps, to categories, allowing you to drill down by product and so much more.
  • Real time alerts: you can set your alarm and get immediate results, so there’s no hanging around for the data to come in.
  • Automated reports: we automatically generate reports and deliver them straight to you and your team by email preventing any time being wasted.


Curious? Contact us to find out more. We love working with new people.